10 Reasons To Work With Us

Service Level Agreement

The PR Company works with clients to:

  • Understand their requirements, budgets and timeframes.
  • Agree specific and measurable objectives.
  • Develop an agreed work programme (usually three to six months before an initial review).

We will build this programme into a formal Service Level Agreement that:

  • Specifies each month’s active deliverables.
  • Outlines the level of service The PR Company will provide, including specifying when reporting and review meetings will be held, response times from The PR Company to client enquiries, how any out-of-hours work will be handled and how invoicing will be managed.
  • Has a negotiated monthly retainer budget. We find that clients usually receive about 15 percent more work per month than the monthly retainer price actually covers. Clients appreciate the fact we’re prepared to add a little extra value and we are happy to invest in ensuring satisfied clients.

Our WIP Process

We prefer to meet with clients once a month to discuss Work in Progress.

  • We cover last month’s activities, the coming month’s activities, issues and new opportunities.
  • Each WiP meeting is minuted so you have a record of progress and can assess deliverables against plan.
  • We then deliver on that month’s activities as per the agreed plan. This means client aren’t constantly hands-on (unless they prefer to be). They can leave it to us to do what’s on the plan without having to worry about the bill. This saves clients time and worry.
  • We keep track of our hours and provide a detailed monthly invoice.