The PR Company

What Our Clients Say

Thank you for working with us on our PR strategy.
We really enjoyed the support you gave us! I truly appreciate your skills (and James's) and I am very satisfied with the level of service you provided.

Your communications skills really made a difference in how quickly we were able to increase our participation in the market.

I am sure we'll have further opportunities to work together.
Debora Almeida
Marketing Manager
Sequre Health

Help with the tricky things
Thanks for all your grand support. I have really appreciated your help with some tricky spots, and your various team people who have been lifesavers at times when we have needed a second pair of hands.
Diane Livingston
Executive Director | Communications and fundraising
Wellington Free Ambulance

Invaluable in preparing
The PR Company’s help has been invaluable in preparing for the possible Government review of the Small Passenger legislation.

We seem to have reached the stage where we are well placed to go ahead if the review does take place. Your help and experience has been much appreciated and I hope we can keep in touch with a view to again seeking your help on issues facing the taxi industry.
John Hart
Executive Director
NZ Taxi Federation

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend the services of The PR Company
I’ve used The PR Company to develop public relations and communications plans for the past seven years and have always been completely satisfied with their performance.
They do an excellent job, they meet deadlines, and offer the most competitive rates in town.
We have also hired them on occasion for extra jobs, such as proofreading of Annual Reports, the creation of membership newsletters, and other services, etc. They have been very reasonably priced, and always do exactly what we ask of them.

The relationship I have held with this organisation has been both collaborative and positive, and I’m very happy to recommend them.
Sally Dunbar
Crane Association of New Zealand Inc

Informative media training
Daniel Paul from the PR company provided media training to elected members of the new Porirua City Council in February 2017.

The full-day training was relaxed yet informative with lots of discussion so participants could adapt it to their personal circumstances.

The training helped participants understand the requirements of the media and to be confident, clear, articulate spokespeople for the community and the Council.
Moana Wyatt
Communications Manager
Porirua City Council

We will definitely remain in touch as a client!
Everybody feels more prepared so the use of the services of the PR Company was very useful not just for the output but also to shape thinking.
Greg Marsden
General Manager
MAS Zengrange

The PR Company is an invaluable resource
Over the past year, The PR Company has become an invaluable resource for our organisation.

They have given and continue to give sound advice and strategy and produced outstanding results. I am always relieved to hear “we can get that sorted for you” no matter how large or small the required output.

Daniel’s team is professional, vibrant and produce results with every monthly review. Being able to hand over control of a project, and trust in it being given the right resourcing to produce a positive result or action list of next steps, is what most benefits my Foundation. That trust ultimately comes from the open and collaborative communication, and professionalism in dealing with Daniel and his team on a regular basis.

Daniel’s influence and existing connections in the areas of Health and Government have opened doors that most charitable organisations would struggle to open without considerable resourcing, cost, and effort. His expertise and advice have led our organisation to improve our strategies and communication with Government agents and agencies, leading to greater collaboration overall.

With dozens of projects “on the go” simultaneously and the ability to take on new projects and quickly produce content and recommendations, I have no hesitation in recommending The PR Company.
Richard Cooper
Business Development Manager
MedicAlert Foundation

These guys are sharp
We recently engaged the PR Company to help us write the content of our website. To be honest, we were quite lost on how to go about marketing our product until we came across the PR Company. They put everything in perspective for us within the first phone call and sorted out the content of our website within the week. These guys are sharp, on the ball and very professional. We can't thank you enough, it has made a huge difference to our business and we look forward to using your services again.
Carmen Blanco

A real pleasure
It's been a real pleasure dealing with The PR Company over the last three years. They’ve provided New Zealand Red Cross with fast, efficient and friendly service, always to a high standard. Daniel’s media training sessions with our senior managers and aid workers have been really valuable, and his warm, engaging approach has enabled people to relax and learn. His staff member Carolyn has provided fast and accurate writing and video production assistance, as well as interviewing role plays, and her years of television experience have proved invaluable. I also know I can rely on The PR Company in any emergency.
Corinne Ambler
General Manager Marketing and Communications
NZ Red Cross

Well done
Well done! I suspect that the media attention received this year exceeds anything in the past and more New Zealanders will have heard about imported flowers now than from other [often much more expensive] campaigns...
Chris Smellie
New Zealand Flower Growers Association

Excellent media traction
Well done to everyone involved in the press release this week which has gained excellent traction in the media, including on TV3, National radio and I believe a number of commercial radio stations have also covered the story in their news items. The Herald on Sunday could very well be doing an article this weekend as well. Hopefully flower growers throughout the country have picked up on the coverage and noticed what we have been doing as it will be a major selling point when we commence our membership drive in a few weeks.
David Blewden
New Zealand Flower Growers Association

Optimising our media and advocacy strategies
I want to thank you for the excellent communications planning workshop you facilitated. We received excellent feedback in respect of the content and also the obvious knowledge and expertise you provided. Several attendees have already been putting into practise the learnings from the day and I have personally updated our own processes for optimising our media and advocacy strategies. It was noticeable how easy it is to underestimate the importance of these responsibilities yet your personable and insightful approach to the workshop led us all safely through this potential minefield.
Philip Grant
Xponential Management Solutions

Enhancing our strategic engagement
The PR Company's job is to enhance our strategic engagement with media, government and influencers in the wider sector. They do a very satisfactory job, effectively boosting our profile, helping us build valuable relationships with influencers and enabling us to gain traction from officials for a key policy platform we want to see introduced by government. They have worked with us for over six years and we continue to value our relationship with them.
Bev Weber
New Zealand Association of Counsellors

Professional and within budget
Both Frans Laas, President at-the-time, and Barry Foster, were involved with the recruitment process of a new CEO in 2009 and from a strong field of candidates Daniel Paul was chosen. During our various terms as Presidents, particularly during those times when challenging issues inevitably occurred, Daniel and his staff always gave us both the support needed and a level of guidance that may have been needed for us to work through the issues.

As CEO he has managed the Associations finances in a professional manner and within a set budget. He ensured that the accounts were always in a healthy fiscal position each year, maintained equity, and provided sound financial reports that were acceptable to our members at their annual meetings. The process of unification within our industry was undertaken over the last four years of Daniel's time as CEO and was a major project that Daniel and his staff had a lot of input. They obviously realized the wisdom and necessity of industry unity and their contribution was in part significant to the successful outcome of the Associations rebranding to Apiculture New Zealand (ApiNZ) along with the adoption of a new constitution.

At all times during those seven years that Daniel Paul has been our CEO the National Beekeepers Association membership has grown steadily from year to year from about 400 to nearly 700 and with unification reaching over 800 members. Both he and his staff have lived up to our expectations and provided a very good level of service and professional expertise to our Association. We wish Danial and his staff all the very best for the future.
Frans Laas, NBA President 2009 to 2011
Barry Foster, NBA President 2011 to 2013 and ApiNZ Board member April 2016
Ricki Leahy, NBA President 2013 to 2016 and ApiNZ Board member April 2016

Positive feedback
The feedback from participants in your media training course was very positive. Of note they mentioned the media sessions were invaluable.
Aaron Davy
International Operations Co-ordinator
New Zealand Red Cross

Making us relevant
Daniel has been able to form excellent working relationships with the College President and the College Council and has earned their respect. He has led a workshop on how to make our College and its messages relevant and has provided high quality advice to the President regarding use of the media and how to engage with politicians as a non-partisan professional organisation. The media releases The PR Company has written have been technically accurate and obviously of interest to the media as our media traction has been at a very significant level; much improved from when we were writing our own media releases. This has enabled us to get our messages across to the public, and also to gain the respect of our members who see their subscriptions being put to good use.
Jane Dancer
General Manager
College of Public Health Medicine

Effective and professional advice
Daniel is an experienced PR practitioner and a source of considerable sector knowledge. I have found his advice and outputs to be highly effective and thoroughly professional. Recently, Red Cross won an international award recognising the effectiveness of our public relations strategy following the 2011 earthquake. This award is testament to the quality of the team at The PR Company.
Ross Cameron
National Public Relations and Marketing Manager
NZ Red Cross

The PR Company are extremely valuable
The PR Company has been working successfully with Wellington Free Ambulance to manage media issues and raise the profile of the Service for the past year. The PR Company has proved to be extremely valuable to WFA in dealing with the media in a proactive and positive fashion. Not only have they proved to be adept at handling media issues as they arise, they have done a good job in promoting the Service to its external stakeholders through skilful engagement with the local and national media around good news stories and new initiatives. They have also facilitated constructive and open relationships with journalists, allowing WFA to better get its point across through the media understanding the context in which the Service operates and therefore treating the Service more sympathetically than would otherwise have been the case. From an almost standing start, The PR Company has helped WFA to build a solid, positive media presence in the Wellington region.
David Baker
Executive Manager
Wellington Free Ambulance