Our 10 most common types of project

The PR Company works with your senior management or board to develop public relations and communications plans specifically designed to achieve your goals.

All our plans reflect measurable KPIs so you can evaluate progress.

Our 10 most common types of project:

  • Small to medium enterprises that want promotional and marketing help raise their profile or increase awareness and sales of products/services.
  • Businesses preparing for a merger or acquisition process.
  • Companies that want to develop a social media presence as part of their marketing programme.
  • Industry associations that want to lobby government (central and local) and develop influence among policy makers.
  • NGOs keen to advocate for a cause or promote a public policy issue.
  • Larger corporates that need assistance with culture change and internal communications.
  • Organisations dealing with regular and not always positive media interest.
  • Organisations battling reputational issues that affect their brand.
  • Charities seeking funding support.
  • Our lengthy experience across a broad range of sectors and with a variety of issues means we have the background and expertise to advise on even the most complex problem.