What we do

At The PR Company we prefer to work under a retainer arrangement with agreed budgets, prescribed deliverables and with measurable outcomes. Under a retainer we find clients receive about 15 per cent more in terms of hours worked than we actually bill for - just another way we can add some extra value and put some skin in the game for our clients.

Our Services

Campaigns and strategy

When we work with clients, we work with them to define the issues, agree the outcomes they want, set measurable objectives with agreed evaluation methodology and develop an integrated strategy that’s designed to get results. Then we bring that strategy to life with a programme of monthly deliverables which we report on regularly so you are always abreast of everything we do on your behalf.

Navigating the Beltway

Influencing the political and policy process is something we have spent over 30 years doing for a variety of clients. We help you navigate the Wellington Beltway, making connections and building relationships with officials, politicians and other influencers, and understanding how best to position your issue and argue a strong case that will resonate with policymakers.

Building relationships with key stakeholders

Every organisation needs to engage – with members or customers, sector stakeholders, key influencers, staff, government etc. We specialise in this work, matching organisational wants and needs (OWANS) with stakeholder wants and needs (SWANS). We can help you devise a stakeholder engagement strategy that builds and nurtures the relationships you need.

Generating valuable awareness through media publicity

The media is a powerful influencer with an extensive reach. And it is an effective platform from which you can generate valuable awareness of issues and support for your causes. Our background working in the media means we have the contacts and expertise to get you the coverage you want.

Media training to make you media-savvy

The media can make – and break - public reputations so what happens when you are in front of the camera and the mic goes live? Based on years of experience, our media training workshops prepare you thoroughly for the most testing interview. We give you a thorough understanding of what the media wants and how it works, and we guide you through ‘live’ interviews designed to test your message management and ensure you are camera-ready.

Enhancing your digital presence

Every organisation needs some kind of digital presence these days. But developing and executing the right kind of digital strategy that enhances and protects your organisational reputation and connects you appropriately with key audiences can be challenging. The PR Company can assist you.

Editing and publishing

With our journalistic skills, editing and producing newsletters, magazines and other content is second nature and something we thoroughly enjoy doing. We can help transform your publications, making them as entertaining and as informative as possible.

Crisis communications

Research shows that 90 per cent of crises develop because an issue wasn’t managed appropriately. But when a crisis does occur, we are here to help, having had plenty of experience managing crises for a variety of clients, including for two prominent government agencies and around the very public demise of a Cook Strait fast ferry service. We know the ‘rules’ around crisis management and we can provide experienced practical advice and guidance to help the all-important reputation recovery process.

Comms teams reviews and restructures

The PR Company is often called on to review the structure and performance of a client’s internal communications function. Based on detailed research of the client’s organisational objectives and communication requirements, we provide advice and recommendations around team structure, the skill-sets and competencies required and how and where the team should be integrated into the organisation’s management functions.