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The PR Company is an invaluable resource

Over the past year, The PR Company has become an invaluable resource for our organisation. They have given and continue to give sound advice and strategy and produced outstanding results.

Richard Cooper
Business Development Manager
MedicAlert Foundation

These guys are sharp

We recently engaged the PR Company to help us write the content of our website. To be honest, we were quite lost on how to go about marketing our product until we came across the PR Company. They put everything in perspective for us within the first phone call and sorted out the content of our website within the week.

Carmen Blanco

Making us relevant

Daniel has been able to form excellent working relationships with the College President and the College Council and has earned their respect. He has led a workshop on how to make our College and its messages relevant and has provided high quality advice to the President regarding use of the media and how to engage with politicians as a non-partisan professional organisation.

Jane Dancer
General Manager
College of Public Health Medicine

Effective and professional advice

Daniel is an experienced PR practitioner and a source of considerable sector knowledge. I have found his advice and outputs to be highly effective and thoroughly professional.

Ross Cameron
National Public Relations and Marketing Manager
NZ Red Cross

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