We help you say the right things,
to the right people, at the right time.

What we do

Ours is very much a people business. Expertise and experience are prerequisites, but honesty, trust and relationships are the currency that breeds innovation and drives success.


That’s why we invest significantly in our clients to build long-term partnerships and deliver results that exceed your expectations.


We provide the full range of public relations and strategic communications services.  However, we specialise in advocacy and government relations services for businesses and organisations that need to understand and navigate the Wellington ‘Beltway’ and engage with government.


We connect you to, and help you build relationships with, relevant politicians, policymakers and officials, influencers and media commentators, and we help you frame your messaging for maximum impact with people who can make a difference.


We do that by supporting you to say the right things, to the right people at the right time.

The PR Company is an invaluable resource

The PR Company has become an invaluable resource for our organisation. They give sound advice and strategy and produce outstanding results. I am always relieved to hear “we can get that sorted for you” no matter how large or small the required output. Daniel’s team is professional, vibrant and produces results with every monthly review. With dozens of projects “on the go” simultaneously and the ability to take on new projects and quickly produce content and recommendations, I have no hesitation in recommending The PR Company.

Richard Cooper
Business Development Manager
MedicAlert Foundation

Enhancing our strategic engagement

The PR Company's job is to enhance our strategic engagement with media, government and influencers in the wider sector. They do a very good job, effectively boosting our profile, helping us build valuable relationships with influencers and enabling us to gain traction from officials for a key policy platform we want to see introduced by government. Bev Weber, President, New Zealand Association of Counsellors

Carmen Blanco

Making us relevant

Daniel has been able to form excellent working relationships with the College President and the College Council and has earned their respect. He has led a workshop on how to make our College and its messages relevant and has provided high quality advice to the President regarding use of the media and how to engage with politicians as a non-partisan professional organisation.

Jane Dancer
General Manager
College of Public Health Medicine

Effective and professional advice

Daniel is an experienced PR practitioner and a source of considerable sector knowledge. I have found his advice and outputs to be highly effective and thoroughly professional. Red Cross won an international award recognising the effectiveness of our public relations strategy following the 2011 earthquake. This award is testament to the quality of the team at The PR Company. Ross Cameron, National Public Relations and Marketing Manager, NZ Red Cross.

Ross Cameron
National Public Relations and Marketing Manager
NZ Red Cross

Enhancing our strategic engagement

The PR Company’s job is to enhance our strategic engagement with media, government and influencers in the wider sector. They do a very satisfactory job, effectively boosting our profile, helping us build valuable relationships with influencers and enabling us to gain traction from officials for a key policy platform we want to see introduced by government. They have worked with us for over six years and we continue to value our relationship with them.

Bev Weber
NZ Association of Counsellors

Excellent media traction

Well done to The PR Company for the excellent media coverage this week across TV3, National radio. I believe several commercial radio stations have also covered the story in their news items. The Herald on Sunday could also be doing an article this weekend. Hopefully, flower growers throughout the country have picked up on the coverage and noticed what we have been doing as it will be a major selling point when we commence our membership drive in a few weeks.

David Blewden
New Zealand Flower Growers Association

The PR Company is extremely valuable

From an almost standing start, The PR Company has helped WFA to build a solid and positive media presence in the Wellington region. The PR Company has proved to be extremely valuable to WFA in dealing with the media in a proactive and positive fashion. Not only have they proved adept at handling media issues as they arise, but they have also done a good job promoting the Service to its external stakeholders through skilful engagement with the local and national media around good news stories and new initiatives.

David Baker
Executive Manager
Wellington Free Ambulance

Our range of services

We have a proven track record of working with, and getting results for, some of New Zealand’s biggest and best-known organisations and brands.


  • Launched government programmes to taxpayers, spearheaded industries to financial markets and introduced new brands to consumers.
  • Influenced public policy and political decisions and helped settle industrial disputes, both high profile and under the radar.
  • Managed national publicity campaigns for big-name causes, defused major crises for big-name brands and helped SMEs and industry associations – both big and small – achieve their communications objectives.
  • Assisted individuals with personal reputation management problems.
Government relations

Influencing the political and policy process is something we have done for over 30 years. We support you to engage effectively and build relationships with officials, politicians and other central and local government influencers, advise you on how to position your issue and argue a strong case that will resonate with policymakers, and prepare the briefing papers, submissions and policy reports that are often required.

Strategic communications planning

This is a collaborative process that involves your team and ours in a formal PR Discovery Workshop. You know your business and market best and will bring that information to the table. We use our experience and expertise to fashion a high-level plan tailored to your specific requirements. This open dialogue process engages your team from the outset, makes use of their knowledge and encourages their buy-in to a strategy they have helped to devise.

Generating awareness through media publicity

The media is a powerful influencer with an extensive reach. And it is an effective platform from which you can generate valuable awareness and profile. Our background working in the media means we have the contacts and expertise to get you the coverage you want.

Stakeholder engagement

One of our core functions is to help organisations engage effectively and build relationships with key stakeholders, including central and local government, other sector organisations and key influencers, relevant business and community leaders and media – most of our clients consider this a priority workstream. As such we have developed proven systems and management functions to facilitate and manage stakeholder engagement, and we are happy to discuss these with you.

Community relations

Subtly different to stakeholder engagement, this is a workstream that takes organisations into the very communities they want to serve. We want to create communications and engagement activities that accurately reflect the community and respond directly to their specific issues/needs in a way they’ll be comfortable with and respond to.

Awareness audits and market research

Much of our business is about generating behaviour change – creating, changing or reinforcing desired perceptions and behaviours among our clients’ target audiences. To benchmark outcomes and demonstrate results, we provide a range of tailored audit and research tools designed to provide accurate client feedback and inform future communications planning.

Internal communication

Whether it be a company’s staff or an industry association’s membership, we can advise on how best to enhance communication and engagement levels with your all-important internal audiences. We can draft internal communications plans to meet specific targets and KPIs, and support you to implement them and measure feedback.

Specialist training workshops

We offer a range of specialist training workshops, developed and refined over many years, to help client organisations develop their own in-house skill-sets. Training packages include media training, stakeholder engagement workshops, effective advocacy planning modules, presentation training and crisis management planning.

Crisis communications

Research shows that 90 per cent of crises develop because an issue wasn’t managed appropriately. But when a crisis does occur, we are here to help, having had experience managing crises for a variety of high-profile clients. We know the ‘rules’ around crisis communication and we can provide experienced, practical advice and guidance to help the all-important reputation recovery process.

Our publishing and content creation arm

Our in-house publishing and digital arm supports a stable of client publications, ranging from quarterly 50-page magazines to monthly e-newsletters and ongoing digital programmes. We also handle website creation through our sister company.