How we help you engage with political parties


The PR Company often works with industry associations and NGOs, primarily supporting them to engage with MPs, officials and other policy makers.

This becomes even more important in an election year when many clients want their voices heard around Wellington.

To support our clients effectively, we must be able to work with all MP/Parties without fault or favour, and across all political/Party lines.

Having said that, our advice to clients about engaging with politicians etc reflects our:

  • Knowledge of the broader political system.
  • Experience working with the various MPs/Parties.
  • Understanding of their policies.

Most notably, our advice will include how best to frame an issue to a specific political Party, and when to engage with which Party.

While your position on any issue – and the solutions you propose – should remain consistent no matter which Party you are talking to, the language you use and the approach you take may need to differ, as you might expect.

Good advocacy and engagement with policy makers relies on understanding the:

  • People, and how/when to engage meaningfully with them.
  • Political environment, and how to position issues pragmatically given that Party’s position on the issue.
  • Policy landscape, and therefore appreciating what’s workable/practicable.

Our job is to support you with the above to ensure you engage as effectively and as efficiently as possible with all Parties and all MPs, irrespective of their position on the political spectrum.