Jacinda Ardern steps down: What’s in it for you?


That’s the question many of our clients are asking now that Jacinda Ardern has announced her resignation as Prime Minister – what does this mean for our business, how will our industry/sector be impacted by what, very possibly, will herald a change of government later this year.

Ardern’s popularity as preferred PM was probably all that was keeping Labour in what was going to be a very tight electoral race.

With her resignation, Labour’s chances have diminished further, perhaps to the point where this election will be National’s to lose. And given the polls as they stand now, that’s hard to imagine at this point.

Couple this with National’s reshuffle, which was expected, and you have one major Party looking future-focused while the other will be scrambling, trying to reassure voters their new leader will step neatly into Ardern’s shoes.

That will be a major distraction for this Labour government. And it will probably encourage swing voters, who may still have been sitting on the fence, to decide that National/Act is worth a go, after all.

So, what does this mean for you? What will a (now much more likely) National/Act government mean for your organisation/sector?

We suggest strongly that, if you haven’t already, you refine your key advocacy messages with a new, right of centre government in mind.

And make sure you have a workable strategy to ensure you are saying the right things to the right people (in this case National’s and Act’s MPs) at the right time (which is now)!

We’re here to help.