Use these simple tips and tricks to rapidly improve your organisation’s comms and PR


Strategic communications and public relations is a mix of art and science. There are rules to it (the science); the trick is knowing how and when to apply the rules (the art) and, like all good rules, knowing when to bend or break them.

Over nearly 40 years, The PR Company has developed these core principles to guide the planning and delivery of effective communications, PR and advocacy campaigns.

Tried and thoroughly tested, these simple but powerful tips and tricks will come in handy whenever you are thinking about your organisation’s comms and PR activity.

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* Follow The 5Ps Plan – our clients love it!
* Steer clear of “The 4 things that go wrong”

* Use The STaMP formula

* Remember The BRACES formula,
* The PREP formula, and
* The Buy Button rule

* The Triple F theory
* The Triple A formula, and
* The Triple R rule

* Align the OWANS and SWANS
* Focus on The Triple M rule
* Have you passed The C & O test?

* The 10 Rules for Effective Advocacy will keep you focused

No matter what you are doing with your comms, PR and advocacy initiatives, using these tips and tricks will save you time and effort, create a more focused plan and deliver you better results.

You’re welcome :)