What are we grateful for? 


I don’t know about you, but 2023’s been ‘an interesting year’. 

Some good (working with our great clients), some bad (the distressing impact of many natural disasters and wars), some indifferent (the build-up to and the aftermath of the general election). 

And to cap it all off, I ended up on crutches after twisting my knee chasing one of our cats.  One MRI and one deep vein thrombosis later and I’m still not talking to that cat! 

But as another year draws to a close (it happens faster and faster, the older I get), it’s time to think about all the things we should be grateful for. 

In my case I’m quite lucky and my list is actually quite long. It’s got all the usual things on it – my health (apart from my knee), financial security, house, home and family and the ability to enjoy my leisure time with friends and family. 

But it’s all too easy to take those things for granted, and it’s usually not until the sh*t hits the fan that we sometimes stop and realise that we did, indeed, have it good.  And sometimes that can be a bit late. 

So, one of the things I’m trying to do this Xmas is take a bit of time to remind myself of all the good stuff in my life.  To be grateful for what my family and I have got, and to spare a thought for those who are worse off. 

And high on my gratitude list is our wonderful ‘family’ of clients.  Most of you know we specialise in working for incorporated societies and membership organisations, and we continue to find the work – and the people – really interesting, sometimes challenging and mostly rewarding. 

To our regular clients - a massive thank you for your support in 2023.  We value your business immensely.  

And to our newer clients, those of you who have come on board more recently - welcome. We look forward to growing our relationship with you and adding value where we can. 

To all of you - we wish you a great Christmas and a relaxing break. We will see you bright and early in 2024, grateful to get to work with you again. 
PS: While we may be relaxing over Christmas, our cell phones are always on.  If, for any reason at all, you need us during that time feel free to call.  Other than that, normal service will resume on January 15.