Wow. What A Year!


Don’t know about you, but we’ve had a great one.

We lost one staff member to Australia and gained another – welcome aboard, Hanna. And we extended our network of essential sub-contractors who help us keep the plates spinning.

We also celebrated James’ graduation from the Public Relations Institute of NZ’s prestigious Accredited in Public Relations (APR) diploma.

As a company, we have long believed all PR and comms professionals should be registered/accredited with a recognised sector authority as a mark of their competency.

But, as that’s not about to happen any time soon in the PR world (sadly), we feel that members of our profession should at least hold a recognised APR accreditation, with formal CPD and two quite challenging exams to verify their skills and abilities.

So, well done, James!

We also worked with some really exceptional clients this year, on some really interesting projects.

While the polls may be increasingly unkind to this government, Ms Ardern and her colleagues have created a lot of work for us.

Issues ranging from the challenges around immigration settings and workforce shortages, to youth mental health funding (or lack of it), to unnecessarily heavy-handed regulatory environments, to difficult-to-navigate local body reviews.

It’s all been grist to our advocacy and government relations mill as our clients have found themselves increasingly needing to connect with Ministers and officials over issues that concern them.

So, with Christmas looming, our team would like to wish your team a festive and relaxing break.

Thank you for working with us in 2022. Next year – election year, with the political and media circus it will bring – promises to be even more exciting and busy, and we very much look forward to helping you navigate Wellington’s Beltway in 2023.

Daniel, James and Hanna